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1. Confusion: God is our designer and is therefore the best one to repair His creation. Set at the counter of an electrical repair shop this sketch sees Ashley learning that his DVD player is not the only thing in need of repair by the "manufacturer".

2. Tattoos and White Collars: Will Chris ever figure out that he is judging people based on their appearances? This wacky script highlights the way we judge others while accepting our own failings.

3. The Drowning Man: This short sketch uses clever irony to expose the excuses we often use not to evangelize.

4. Technologically Speaking: Are we dependent upon technology to communicate the Gospel at the expense of personal involvement? Two friends try to figure out the best way to share the love of Jesus with a non-christian friend and come to a simple conclusion.

5. The Stinky Job: While putting off changing her little sisters diaper Mandy learns that reaching out to an "un-cool" girl at school is another “stinky job" she is avoiding.