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1. Time, Space & Lemons: Four friends discuss evolution (and the origin of the lemon!) only to discover that God does make sense after all. This is a very funny script that packs a powerful punch! Great script for evangelism or missions services.

2. Masks: "Masks" is all about the masks we wear to hide the true person or feelings inside. Two brief messages have been suggested for the end of the drama or you can create your own.

3. The Cross: Compromise and the way we try to market Jesus is the theme of "The Cross". Steve (or Stephanie) has some advice for Jesus about the image of the cross and how he can best represent his Lord.

4. The Bridge: Suicide is the theme of this script. Although there is a lot of humor the drama is also mixed with compassion and hope. Great script for evangelism or missions services.

5. Spark Plug: Spark Plug is a script about how an encounter with Jesus can suddenly turn a cynic into a seeker. Mike isn't a "bad person", he just hasn't met Jesus yet. . .but he's about to! Great script for evangelism or missions services.