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By Anna Fraser

This drama is about admitting our sin in the light of Christs innocence. We so often try to hide from the blame that we deserve, not like Jesus, who willingly took the our sins on his shoulders, and died for us. Great for teens and adults to act.

Length: 4 - 6 Minutes

Cast: 5 Various male and female combinations possible. See character list for details. About the Writer Anna Fraser has background in theatre and has written a number of dramas available at ChristianDramas.Net. Her Easter and Christmas plays have been produced throughout the US, Canada, UK and Australia.


  1. Jem -   Ordinary, old clothes. Low education.
  2. Dan -   Dressed well. Better educated.
  3. Sam -  Young, light hearted, also of low education.
  4. Guard 1 - Rough Roman Guard.
  5. Guard 2 - Another rough Roman Guard.

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Script Sample... following is the last portion of the script. The entire script is five pages long.

Sam  I’ll be outta here before you know it.
Jem  What ya in for?
Sam  (Grandly, bows ) Rabble rousing, being a nuisance etcetera, etcetera etcetera.  Be   out soon, on account of our Lizzy.
Jem  What’s she got to do with it?
Sam  She and the prison captain are well acquainted.
Jem  Huh?
Sam  She’s probably better acquainted to the captain than his wife is (laughs uproariously).
Dan  Ah, contacts in the right places.  I could do with a few more of those.  My last   good contact was recently repatriated to Rome.
Jem  What did ya do?
Sam  Well, I was watching a trial. In the crowd. Got a bit close to a Roman Guard.   Stood on his toe. Made him jump, his spear goes forward and jabs a priest in the backside with it’s sharp point.  Priest cries out, makes a huge scene, Guard   blames  me, not my fault of course, and here I am.
Dan  (Sarcastic) Another innocent man!… Whose trial?
Sam  A Jesus of Nazareth.
Jem  I’ve heard of him.
Dan  What have they got him for?
Sam  He said he was the king of the Jews or something.
Jem  So what! My old ma regularly says she’s Cleopatra, she's going “ga-ga”.
Sam  Oh this guy’s not going ga-ga. He is the real deal.
Jem  Well why would he say something like that?
Dan  What else they got on him?
Sam  Causing unrest.
Dan  Stirring up crowds?  How did he do that?  Fighting?
Sam  No.  He's a man of peace. He encouraged people, healed many.  Stuff like that.
Jem  Why’d they arrest him then?
Sam  Jealousy.  Religious authorities didn’t like him on their turf, getting attention.    And he was pretty “straight-up” with them.
Jem  Didn’t like them?
Sam  Said something like “beware the teachers of the law.  They like to show off with   long prayers and fancy clothes but they will be punished severely”.
Dan  Oh, that would hurt.  Ouch!
Jem  But what’s he done wrong?  What Roman law has he broken?
Sam  Well I dunno.  Doesn’t seem to me he’s done anything bad.  He’s only spoken the   truth.
Jem  You don’t usually get in here for telling the truth.
Dan  And that’s coming from the guy who says, “I aint done nothin’”.
Jem  Ok, so maybe I did do something.
Dan  I bet this Jesus was screaming his innocence at his trial.
Sam  Hardly said a word . And they were rough on him, really rough.  He’s got quite a   few injuries, blood everywhere last time I saw him.
Jem  I couldn’t put up with that if I was innocent, it's one thing getting what you   deserve, another thing getting what ain’t due.
Sam  (With admiration) He looked like a man who would willingly carry the world on   his shoulders.  (Pause) And the crowd traded his life for a murdering criminal!
Dan & Jem Barabbas!

Guards re enter.

Guard 1  Right, brother of the “influential Lizzy”.  Captain has said you can go, but keep   away from soldiers, spears and priests.
Sam  Told ya I’d be outta here! Best of luck, hope to see ya both around (as he exits).
Guard 2  That’s not likely .  Come on you two, you’re off up the hill today
Dan  (Disbelief) No. Can’t be. No!
Jem  (Resignation,  lowers and shakes his head). I was  a fool.
Guard 2  And you’ll be hanging with royalty today.
Jem  (Looks up) The Jesus of Nazareth?
Guard 2  That’s the one.  King of the Jew’s to be precise.
Dan  But I am innocent!
Jem  Shut up.  We got it coming.  We aint innocent.  No use hiding it any longer. There’s only one innocent man hangin' today. And I think I’ll be proud to die next   to an innocent man, who would willingly carry the weight of the world on his   shoulders.

The End.