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Great for Middle School Children or Teens to act!
A drama about the real meaning of Easter. An Easter Egg, Easter Chicken and Easter Bunny wait on a shop shelf to be purchased. Their belief that they are the meaning of Easter is about to be challenged! This clever drama clearly shows that the real meaning of Easter is not found at the department store but in the Easter story.

Length: 5 - 8 Minutes
Cast: 12 
Various male and female combinations possible. See character list for details.

About the Writer
Anna Fraser has background in theatre and has written a number of dramas available at ChristianDramas.Net. Her Easter and Christmas plays have been produced throughout the US, Canada, UK  and Australia.

   1. Easter Egg
   2. Chicken
   3. Bunny
   4. Child
   5. Parent 1
   6. Girl
   7. Parent 2
   8. Teenage Girl
   9. Teenage Boy
  10. Man
  11. Woman
  12. Sales Assistant

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Sample from the script...
Scene: Inside a store at Easter time. On a shelf ready for sale is a chocolate egg, a chicken and a bunny, each wearing a price tag.

Easter Egg: (Excited) Here we are, we've finally made it to the shop floor!

Bunny: Yeah and only one week until Easter!

Chicken: Just in time for the world to get their Easter necessities!

Bunny: Namely us!

The three laugh and "high five" each other.

Easter Egg: Hey, how do I look? Am I straight on the shelf? Can you see my price tag?

Bunny: You look great! If I ate chocolate I’d be biting into you myself!

Chicken: Do you think they will see my button? I make such a wonderful sound. Go on, try me.

Bunny:(Pushes button and a cheeping sound is heard) Wow, I wish I made a noise.

Easter Egg: Yeah that is cool. But you’ve got cute appeal. Look at those ears, the tail!

Bunny: Gee, thanks.

Chicken: I’m sure we won’t be sitting here long. Easter just isn’t Easter without us!

Easter Egg: That’s right. We are what makes Easter, Easter!

Enter child and Parent 1

Child: Ohh, chocolate! Mom (or Dad) Why do stores sell chocolate eggs at Easter?

Parent 1: Some people say the egg reminds us of new life.

Child: Huh?

Parent 1: Well, out of an egg comes a chick (points to chicken). The egg shell is like the empty tomb... or grave. The chick is like the new life God gives us.

Child: What’s the bunny for then?

Parent 1: Oh, umm, actually I have no idea! I don’t think he has any real meaning for Easter. I don’t think he’s important .

Parent 1 and child exit

Bunny:(Cries) Oh, they think I’m not important!

Chicken:(Consoling, patting him/her on shoulder) There, there, it's OK.

Easter Egg: We think you are important.

Chicken: Yeah!

Bunny:(To Easter Egg) But you are like the empty tomb, and you, Chicken, are a new life, whatever they are. How am I important?

Chicken: Well, errr... You look cute!

Bunny: But beauty is only "skin deep" isn't that what they say? What’s my purpose in life? Boo hoo! (sobs).

Easter Egg: Oh dear, I think he is having a mid shelf-life crisis!

Bunny: There is no meaning to my life! An empty tomb is more important than me!

Chicken: Hush, here come some more people!

Chicken, Egg and Bunny "pose" on the shelf. Enter Parent 2 and Girl.

Girl: Yum! Look at the chocolate! And the chicken (pushes chicken’s button and cheeping sound is heard). It makes a noise! The bunny, he is so cute. I’d love that bunny.

Parent 2: We're here for a costume remember, let's not get side tracked.

Girl: Oh Mom! (or Dad).

Parent 2: OK, we might get some chocolate later. But no promises. (Playfully teasing her) You should be thinking about the play and not your stomach.

Girl:(Laughing) Mom! (or Dad) What has that got to do with anything!  But I am glad I got the part of Mary Magdalene. She was the first person to see Jesus alive.

Parent 2: Yes I know. She is a very important person in the Easter Story. Let’s go and see if we can find a nice scarf for a head-dress.

Exit Parent 2 and Girl

Eater Egg: Easter story? What Easter story?

Chicken: Who’s this “Jesus Alive”?

Bunny: And who is this Mary Mag-da something who is so important? Why can’t I be important (cries again).

... the script continues...