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Written especially to perform to children!


This play was written to introduce the Easter story to children who may not have heard it before. Using the many Easter symbols children already know, this is a lot of fun, a little goofy, and educational all at the same time!
Great for non-churched kids.



Length: 5 - 10 Minutes (flexible)
Cast: 5 or more (flexible)


About the Writer
Kim Williamson is an experienced actor, director and writer. She is Director of Detour Community Theatre and has had a number of her original works produced including a number that are available here at Christian Plays.




Person 1,

Person 2,






Wise man,





This play is written to enable flexible casting from 5 actors or more. There are only two speaking roles, however these could be split between four actors if desired (2 people alternating the lines of each character).
The silent characters (Bunny, Chick, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Wise man, shepherd, baker, guards) can either be played by a few people using different hats/costumes, or one person per character, or you can even simplify it further and take children from the audience and put a simple costume on them to represent these characters. (If you choose this, then you will need a couple of people to help move the children around, bring them props etc.) These characters can also create a lot of humor by playing up their roles. If you have an area where they can go 'off stage', then they can come and go. If not, the characters can turn their back to the audience and move up stage to show they are 'off'.


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Script Sample...


Person 1: Hi

Person 2: How are you?

Person 1: Great! Easter is coming.

Person 2: I know. I love Easter too.

Person 1: I am so looking forward to some chocolate.

Person 2: What do you mean?

Person 1: You know. Easter is an excellent excuse to eat chocolate.

Person 2: Right. I like it more for its original story.

Person 1: Yeah, me too. 'The Easter bunny, the chick and the eggs'

Person 2: What?

Person 1: The Easter story. 'Once upon a time, there was a cute bunny and a yellow chick....'

Two people dressed as a bunny and a chick enter.

Person 2: No, not that story. The one about Jesus.

Person 1: Who?

Person 2: You haven't heard the story of Jesus? You know, 'Jesus lived a long time ago in …..'

Person 1: Hang on. If it's a story, you have to start with 'Once upon a time..'

Person 2: (Sighs) 'Once upon a time, there lived a man called Jesus...'

A actor as Jesus enters.

Person 1: Was he friends with the Easter bunny and the chick?

Bunny and Chick stand beside Jesus with arms around him.

Person 2: No.

Bunny, Chick and Jesus actors separate.

Person 1: What has he got to do with Easter? Is his full name 'Easter Jesus'? He should wear a hat.

Chick gets an Easter bonnet for Jesus.

Person 2: No!

Jesus actor takes it off.

Person 1: I get it 'Once upon a time, there lived a man called Jesus. He woke up on Easter Sunday, and saw a whole basket of eggs left for him by the Easter bunny. So he started to eat them.'
During this, the bunny goes off and brings in a basket of chocolate eggs. The Jesus actor takes one and starts to unwrap it.

Person 2: NO!

Jesus actor looks disappointed and replaces egg.

Person 2: Listen, these things are all just symbols of Easter.

Person 1: I don't understand.

Person 2: They remind us of what happened to Jesus.

Person 1: I still don't understand.

Person 2: Jesus was born in Bethlehem......

Person 1: Wait a minute, you don't mean 'Baby Jesus'?

Mary actor enters with baby.

Person 2: Yes, that's the one.

Person 1: Baby Jesus who was born in a stable?

Wise man actor brings in a manger, Shepherd brings in a toy lamb.

Person 2: Exactly.

Person 1: At Christmas!!!!

Joseph actor brings in a Christmas tree. The characters all form a Nativity pose.

Person 2: Yes, but.....

Person 1: I am talking about Easter, not Christmas. They are two different holidays. 'Happy Easter', not 'Merry Christmas'!

Nativity characters shrug and start to exit.

Person 2: Yes I know that.

Person 1: Silly you, getting confused.

Person 2: But I'm not confused.

Person 1: What?

Person 2: Easter is about Jesus.

Nativity actors start to come back in

Person 2: But when he is grown up, not when he is a baby.

Jesus actor ushers Nativity people off. They shake their heads and exit again.

Person 1: That doesn't make any sense. If it is about this guy called Jesus, why do we have the Easter bunny?

Jesus looks at Easter bunny, who shrugs.

Person 2: I'm glad you asked! Let's look at some of the Easter symbols. At Easter, we eat hot cross buns.

Baker enters with tray of buns.

Person 1: Yum, my favourite! Especially with lots of butter. But what has that got to do with your Christmas Jesus?

Person 2: Jesus lived a long time ago.....

Person 1: In a stable!

Mary and Joseph start to enter.

Person 2: No! (Mary and Joseph exit) Jesus lived a long time ago. He wanted to show us a better way to live.

Person 1: So he invented chocolate.

The Easter bunny gets basket of eggs and hands them out.

Person 2: Wrong again I'm afraid

Easter bunny collects eggs again.

Person 2: Jesus taught people to love and care for one another. He taught us about God the creator. He was a good man.

Person 1: So what does that have to do with hot cross buns?

The Baker shrugs.

Person 2: On the top of the bun (takes a bun from the bakers tray) there is a cross, see?

Person 1: Yes, that's why it's called a 'hot cross bun'. Otherwise it would be a 'not cross bun' ha ha!

Person 2: (Shakes head at bad joke) Right. The cross on the bun is a symbol. (Gives bun to Person1)

Person 1: Meaning what?

...the script continues.