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This easter drama follows the traditional Easter story from Palm Sunday to Jesus resurrection. Written specially for a large cast this play is ideal for school and youth group performance.

Length: 10 - 12 Minutes

Cast: 12 Various male and female combinations possible. See character list for details.

About the Writer Anna Fraser has background in theatre and has written a number of dramas available at ChristianDramas.Net. Her Easter and Christmas plays have been produced throughout the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Characters with speaking roles...

1. Person 1

2. Person 2

3. Person 3

4. Jesus

5. Peter

6. Judas

7. Soldier

8. High Priest

9. Witness

10. Woman

11. Pilate

12. Man 1

13. Man 2

14. Herod

15. Mary

16. Joseph

17. Magdalene

18. Salome

19. Joanna

20. John

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Script Sample...

Lights up. Two people enter excitedly with palm branches, a third follows

Person 3
What's happening?

Person 1
Haven't you heard?

Person 2
Jesus is coming into Jerusalem.

Person 1
(Looking off) There he is! (Calls, waves palm) Hosanna!

Person 2
(Calls) Blessed is the King of Israel!

Person 3

Will he be Israel's new King?

Person 1
Why else is he coming into Jerusalem?

Person 2

Look at how the people are worshipping him.

Person 1
He is the Lord's annointed. (Calls) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord!

Person 2
From David's line. (Calls) Hosanna to the son of David!

Person 3
Praise God. (Calls) Hosanna in the highest! This is a great day. (Crossfade)

Jesus and disciples sitting at a table, eating, talking. Jesus takes a loaf of bread, and prays quietly, the disciples quieten down. He breaks it.

Take this and eat; this is my body (Bread is passed solemnly around. He takes a cup). Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. (They pass cup around, a little confused) I will be with you only a short time longer.

Where are you going, Lord? I will come with you. In fact, I will lay down my life for you!

No Peter. In fact, tonight you will three times deny knowing me. Listen, all of you, let me give you a new command; love one another. Love one another in the same way I have loved you. That is how everyone will know that you are my disciples. Come, I need to pray.

...the script continues.