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Ideal for Easter Church services!
10 Minutes (Total, approximately)

Five new Easter monologues that explore the events of Easter from the experiences of five people who were there: Judas, Peter, Mary (Mother of Jesus), John, and Mary Magdalene. These powerful monologues each share the personal experiences of the characters and are sure to help your audience experience Easter in a fresh and inspiring way.
Perform all or just the ones that suit your service.


Length: 10 Minutes (Total, approximately)

Cast: 1 - 5

About the Writer: Simon Beckham is a professional playwright and director. His plays and dramas have been produced throughout the English speaking world.



  1. Judas
  2. Peter
  3. Mary (Mother of Jesus)
  4. John
  5. Mary Magdalene


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Script Sample:

Monologue: Mary Magdalene


Jesus cared for everyone. He certainly cared for women. He healed me. He spoke with woman
he shouldn’t have. Understood our hearts. Saw through our walls and masks, excuses and fears.
He gave. He gave and gave and gave and gave and gave. And then had his life taken from him.
And with that our hearts were broken.


I was there with his mother when they crucified him. Even then in the torture and agony of
crucifixion he thinks of her losing her son. “John”, he says, “this is your new mother”. “Mother”,
he says, “this is your new son”. That such beauty could be found amidst such horror was typical
of Jesus. He could find beauty anywhere and in anyone. Our hearts broke all the more for it.
We saw where he was buried, Mary the mother of Joseph and I. His body unprepared for burial.
But there was nothing we could do.


We (Mary mother of Joseph, and Salome) waited for sunrise and then with the shafts of a new
days light crossing the rooftops we quickly left with baskets of perfumes to anoint the body of
Jesus. We were defiant, feigning bravado, aching with grief and, we soon realized, not in our
right minds… the huge rock would be in front of the tomb! How were we going to move that?!
Well, we’d just have to face that when we got there.


We needn’t have worried. There before our eyes lay the rock pushed aside, the tomb wide
open. Panic struck us. Who could have done this? Why would they do it? I looked inside the
tomb and my fears were realized. It was empty. He had been taken away! Numbly we stood at
the entrance. All our defiance and bravado melted into tears and we wept. We wept at the final
unthinkable, unimaginable, crushing act of cruelty to our Jesus. Disciples were called, they
came, they left. I stood there lonely in an all-consuming emptiness. That empty tomb was now
echoed by my empty heart. And then a voice, “Why are you upset? Have you lost someone?”
I wasn’t in the mood for stupid questions with a gardener! “Give him back! If you have him, give
him back! Just tell me where you’ve put him and I’ll do it!”.


And then I heard it. My name. “Mary”. That voice that had healed the sick. That voice that had
given hope to the hopeless. That had defended the weak and confronted the powerful. The
voice that could only be his; Jesus!


I couldn’t breathe, my heart was pounding. I turned around, trembling with pure excitement,
joy (closes eyes for a moment, reliving the moment. Opens eyes)… and there he was. Jesus!
Scarred, but whole. Shining with a brilliant perfection. Alive.

... additional monologues for Peter, Mary (Jesus Mother), John and Judas are included ......