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Great for Teens or Adults to act!
5 - 6 Minutes
Mary is getting ready to  go to the tomb to  embalm Jesus body. Peter is  distraught at the death of his Lord and his denial of Him. Peter and Mary discuss, argue and comfort each other as they relive the events leading up to, and including, Jesus death. Forgiveness is at hand. The drama ends with the resurrection surprise awaiting them. This is a powerful, insightful drama sure to impact your audience at Easter... and any time of year.

Length: 5 - 6 Minutes

Cast: 2 About the Writer Simon Beckham is a professional playwright and director. His plays and dramas have been produced throughout the English speaking world.


 1. Mary

 2. Peter

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Script Sample:

Scene; In a house. Peter is sitting at a chair, his head in his hands. Mary is getting items ready in baskets.

Peter: What are you doing?

Mary: We need to embalm His body.

Peter: You're not going out there, surely?

Mary:(Emphatically) We need to embalm His body.

Peter: Even if you could get past the guards, how would you open the tomb?

Mary: We'll find a way.

Peter: It's  dangerous and foolish.

Mary: I don't care. I am going. You'll come. (No response) You will come won't you Peter?

Peter: Mary please.

Mary: Peter!

Peter: You not thinking straight. It's over.

Mary: That's it? You'll just give up?

Peter: Give up? (Angry) Did you see what they did to Him?

Mary: Yes I was there! Don't talk to me about what they did to Him! I was there. (Quietly with an edge of bitterness) Where were you?

Peter:(Changing the subject) So you go to the tomb. What are you going to do, sweet-talk the guards?

Mary:(Defiantly) Why not?

Peter: "Sure honey you can embalm the body... you'll just need to roll back the huge rock from the entrance!". They killed Him. What do you think they will do to us?

Mary: I don't care.

Peter: Come on Mary, be sensible.

Mary:(Challenging him) Sensible? You want sensible? That is funny coming from you. What happened to the "impetuous Peter"? Huh? Where is he? The Peter I know, is not concerned with what's sensible and what's not. He's a man of action. (Shaking her head) Sensible? Oh please. Some band of disciples you turned out to be. The traitor turns up and you hand Him over.

Peter: No, it wasn't like that! I tried to defend him! But he wouldn't let us. I wounded one of them, chopped his ear clean off and then He healed him. Can you believe that? He knew they were coming, He wouldn't let us defend him... (incredulous, reliving the events) He heals one of them. He won't fight, he heals their wounded. He didn't just give up, He helped them arrest Him. He wouldn't let us help him.

... the script continues...