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This is a fun and clever short play that uses the game show theme and popular Easter traditions (such as the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, Easter bonnets and Easter buns) to tell the audience about the meaning of Easter. It is also a great spring board to a message about how Jesus died and came back to life!




Length: 5 Minutes
Cast: 7


About the Writer
Kim Williamson is an experienced actor, director and writer. She is Director of Detour Community Theatre and has had a number of her original works produced including a number that are available here at Christian Plays.




Camera Person
Game Show Host (G.S.H. 1.)
Game Show Host (G.S.H. 2.)    
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg
Easter Chick




This play is set up like a T.V. game show. You can use the audience like a live studio audience, or treat them like they are watching you on T.V. You can use some game show type music to indicate each time the show is back on.


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Script Sample...


Everyone (except for the Game Show Hosts) enter stage and takes their places. Game show music plays as the Camera Person counts down.

CAMERA PERSON: Five, four, three, two, one and you're on!

G.S.H.1: (Enters, running, with G.S.H.2) Good morning/evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the game show 'The Bunny or the Cross?'. I'm Sunny McCarrot.

G.S.H.2: And I'm Candy Hops. Can two teams battle it out to decide, once and for all, what Easter is really all about? Let's welcome our two teams, Sunny.

G.S.H.1: Thanks, Candy. On my left I have Team Easter Bunny.

BUNNY: I'm the Easter Bunny.

CHICK: I'm the Easter Chick.

EGG: I'm the Easter Egg.

G.S.H.1: Fantastic! You are obviously all about Easter. On my right I have Team Jesus.

JESUS: Hi, I'm Jesus.

G.S.H.2: Er, Jesus, you seem to be missing your team members.

JESUS: No, they're all here. (Smiles at Team Easter Bunny) I'm also all about Easter.

G.S.H.1: Alright, let's get on with the show! We will ask a question. The first person to push the button, and answer correctly, will get points for their team.

G.S.H.2: If your answer is wrong, then the question goes to the other team.

G.S.H.1: The first team to make it to 100 points gets to be crowned 'King of Easter'!

G.S.H.2: Contestants, are you ready? Here's your first question. What is the most popular colored jelly bean at Easter, and why?

Chick pushes buzzer.

G.S.H.1: Team Easter Bunny.

CHICK: Yellow, because I'm yellow, and yellow represents spring.

G.S.H.2: I'm sorry, that is wrong. Over to Team Jesus.

JESUS: Red, representing the blood. Like in the poem: “Red is for the blood He gave. Green is for the grass He made. Yellow is for the sun so bright. Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made.  White is for the grace He gave. Purple is for His hour of sorrow. Pink is for a new tomorrow.”

G.S.H.1: Red for Jesus's blood is correct! Ten points up on the board. And ten bonus points for knowing the whole poem.

G.S.H.2: Question number two. The idea of the Easter Bunny originated in Germany in the 1700s – but it was not a rabbit at first. Was it? A. A hare B. A possum C. A cat or D. A dove.

Bunny pushes buzzer.

BUNNY: I know this one, Candy. It was a hare.

G.S.H.1: Correct! Ten points for Team Easter Bunny. Question three. Why the 'Easter Bunny'? What does the hare or rabbit stand for?

Egg pushes buzzer.

EGG: Because an Easter snake wouldn't be very cute or cool.

G.S.H.1: Sorry, that isn't the right answer. Jesus?

JESUS: The rabbit represents abundant new life. It reminds us that we can live forever in a new life.

G.S.H.1: Correct!

BUNNY: Live forever? What does that mean?

G.S.H.2: Moving on. In the rhyme 'Hot Cross Buns', how much do they cost and who should the buns be given to?

Egg pushes the buzzer.

G.S.H.2: Team Easter Bunny.

EGG: Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns! If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons. One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns!

G.S.H.1: Perfect! Another ten points for Team Easter Bunny.

G.S.H.2: So, we have twenty points for Team Easter Bunny, and thirty points for Team Jesus. Question five. What is the meaning behind the hot cross bun.

Jesus pushes buzzer.

G.S.H.1: Team Jesus.

JESUS: The cross on the top of the bun represents the cross on which I died.

G.S.H.1: Correct. Ten points.

BUNNY: Wait a minute. You died? Then how are you still here?

G.S.H.2: And it's time to go for a commercial break.

CAMERA PERSON: Bunny, you can't ask those questions while we are on-air.

BUNNY: Sorry, I was just taken by surprise, that's all.

CHICK: How can someone who is dead, be here?

EGG: Yeah.

JESUS: It's a long story...

G.S.H.1: Which we don't have time for....


G.S.H.1: (To Camera) Welcome back. Our two teams are competing against each other to be crowned 'King of Easter'. At this stage, Team Jesus is winning by twenty points. The next question, Sandy.

G.S.H.2: The egg is closely associated with Easter. Why?

Egg pushes buzzer.

G.S.H.2: Team Easter Bunny.

EGG: Because a chick hatches out of an egg, and chicks are also associated with Easter.

G.S.H.1: That is not quite the answer I was looking for.

CHICK: Because the egg is made of chocolate, which is what Easter is all about.

G.S.H.2: No, again, not quite right.

BUNNY: Because it is spring, and that's when new life happens.

G.S.H.1: No.......

JESUS: Nearly right. The egg does represent new life. It also represents the rock that was rolled in front of the tomb where I was placed after I died. And when you break a chocolate egg open, it is hollow and empty, like the tomb after I rose again. In some places, eggs are painted red, to represent my blood.

There is a silence as the Game Show Host checks the answers.

G.S.H.2: (Looking at answer) That's exactly right! Another ten points.

EGG: Wow, who knew that I was so important!

G.S.H.1: Who indeed! Right, next question: Why do we put the Easter Lilies on the table at Easter?

Chick pushes buzzer.

CHICK: Because the lily comes up in spring, and like me, represents new life.

JESUS: Exactly. Also, the white lily symbolises the innocence and purity of the son of God before he was killed on the cross.

G.S.H.1: Er...yes, you're both right. Ten points each, I suppose.


...the script continues.