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Stone Soup
Adapted from the classic folk story.
By Simon Beckham

"Great play for 8 to 12 year olds to act about friendship and team work".

Length: 15 - 20 Minutes
Cast: 7 roles all interchangeable between male and female actors.
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Audience: Children / Family


About the Play

Adapted from the classif folk tale. In Ecclesiastes chapter four we are reminded of a man who is all alone and who is so busy with his life that he has no time for others. Is he content with his life? No he is not!
A few verses later we read that two people are better than one because they can support each other. This is then contrasted with the lonely man who, when he falls down, has no one to help him up!
In this adaptation of the classic folk story “Stone Soup” we have characters who share these qualities. The two Tramps have each other and together do a miraculous work of creating soup from a stone. The Old Grouch of the story is all alone with no one to help when he falls. By the end of the story our Old Grouch has made a bunch of new friends and he knows he is a richer person for their friendship.



About the Playwright
Simon Beckham is a writer with an ear for great dialog and comedy. His plays are a mix of outrageous comedy and strong dramatic themes and are always a big hit with audiences.

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Characters and cast

1. TRAMP 1
2. TRAMP 2

An ideal script for Christian schools to produce. Great for a class project to perform or drama class to present.


Following are sample scenes from the play...

(c) 2014 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission


NARRATOR 1 Once upon a time there were two Tramps.
(The Tramps enter stage and wave to the audience).
NARRATOR 2 They were not your usual Tramps. No sir, they were unusual Tramps.

(The Tramps look concerned about this).
NARRATOR 1 That’s right. Let me describe them to you. Firstly, these Tramps were tall.
(The Tramps look at each other, shrug and then stand on their tip toes).
NARRATOR 2 Actually they weren’t really tall (Tramps go back to normal) they were hunched over. (Tramps look at each other and hunch over).
NARRATOR 1 But not just normally hunched, they were very hunched (the Tramps hunch over more), in fact they were incredibly hunched (Tramps hunch over even more).
NARRATOR 2 No, wait a minute. That’s not right.
NARRATOR 2 No. That’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
NARRATOR 1 Of course. What were we thinking? They weren’t hunched! (Tramps stand up straight) Ha! What was I thinking?! (To audience) Sorry.
NARRATOR 2 No, they weren’t hunched they were sad.
(The Tramps pout and look sad).
NARRATOR 1 And not your usual sad, no sir! They were unusually sad.
(The Tramps start to sob).
NARRATOR 2 They were incredibly sad.
(Tramps look at each other, shrug their shoulders and let out a wail).
NARRATOR 1 (To Tramps) Can you keep it down a bit please?! (To Narrator 2) Now where were we?
NARRATOR 2 The Tramps were incredibly sad (the Tramps wail again) Please! They were incredibly sad (The Tramps take a deep breath and are about to wail) don’t you dare! And lived at the top of a tall tower that didn’t have a door.
NARRATOR 1 That’s right, no door - just a window at the top. That’s why they were so sad. And they’d let their down their golden hair –
NARRATOR 2 - and the hunchback of Notre Dame would climb up and ring the bells.
NARRATOR 1 No, wait a minute. That’s not right.
NARRATOR 1 No that’s Rapunzel and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
NARRATOR 1 I don’t think either of them is in our story.
NARRATOR 2 I think you’re right.
NARRATOR 1 Who is in our story?
TRAMP 1 and 2 We are!
NARRATOR 2 And you are?
TRAMP 1 and 2 Two Tramps!
NARRATOR 1 Do you live at the top of a tower with Rapunzel and the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
TRAMP 1 and 2 No!
NARRATOR 2 Then where do you live?
TRAMP 1 What do you mean where do we live?
NARRATOR 1 Where’s home?
TRAMP 2 We’re Tramps! We don’t have a home.
NARRATOR 2 Well you should move in with Rapunzel and the Hunchback. Sounds like they’ve got a nice place.
(Narrators 1 and 2 “high five” and laugh).
(Mayor enters).
MAYOR What’s going on? Why haven’t we started the play yet?
NARRATOR 1 and 2 Sorry your Lordship.
MAYOR Will you two get on with it please!
NARRATOR 1 Once upon a time there were two Tramps.
TRAMP 1 (Pointing to self) One.
TRAMP 2 (Pointing to self) Two.
NARRATOR 2 They were poor. So poor, that they spent their time wandering from town to town in search of food and shelter.
NARRATOR 1 But these Tramps were no fools. They had learnt a few lessons along the way.
NARRATOR 2 They were poor in pocket.
NARRATOR 1 But they were rich in mind.
NARRATOR 2 They were –
MAYOR Can you just let them (points to the Tramps) get on with it! The audience didn’t come here today to hear you two prattle on.
NARRATOR 1 and 2 Sorry your Lordship.
(The Narrators scuttle off stage).
TRAMP 1 I’m hungry.
TRAMP 2 So am I.
TRAMP 1 Here’s a place. Let’s see if we can get some food and a bed for the night.


... the play continues...

(c) 2014 By Simon Beckham

Do not perform, copy or distribute without prior permission