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By Marie Hastings

"A new rhyming script of the classic christmas favorite".

Length: 8 - 10 Minutes
Cast: 5 - 25 actors (or more) can perform the play. Many roles are interchangeable between male and female actors.
Genre: Drama (with some comedy)
Audience: Children / Family

About the Play: The play cleverly uses verse to show that Christmas is not just about shopping and gifts but is about the birth of Jesus, our saviour.

Specially scripted for use with small, medium or larger groups this script in rhyming verse can be performed with 5 - 25 actors (or more!). In fact you can use as many actors as you want to! This is ideal for a Christian School or Children's Church to present as the older children can play the speaking roles and younger children can act out the story.


About the Playwright: Marie Hastings is an elementary school teacher who is well known for her creative and entertaining school plays and productions.

Price: $15


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Following is a sample from the script...

The last verses for this script are as follows...

I remember a story

I know it was true

I think it’s what’s missing

I’ll share it with you


I found this old book

Not opened for years

And what I’ve read here

Has reduced me to tears


We’ve got it all wrong

We’ve made a mistake

Christmas is much more

Than presents and cake!”


They read further on

And then they read more

And their eyes were opened

They finally saw


That the reason for Christmas

Is Jesus alone

His birth in a manger

A stable His home


For He came to this world

To bring it great joy

The future of all

Would rest on this boy


As a man He would lay down

His life for us all

But it started that Christmas

In a Bethlehem stall


So as you gather together

This Christmas eve

Don’t forget to accept

The one gift that is free