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By Kim Williamson

"The Three Magi are on their way to meet the new King... this is not the kind of King they were expecting".

Length: 5 - 8 Minutes
Cast: 3 actors, all interchangeable between male and female actors.

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Audience: Family

About the Play: Great for Christian Schools and church! The Three Kings discover there is something extra special about this new King.

An ideal script for Churches or Christian schools to produce.


About the Playwright: Kim Williamson is an experienced actor, director and writer. She is Director of Detour Community Theatre and has had a number of her original works produced including a number that are available here at Christian Plays.

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Following is a sample from the script...

Three Magi enter

Gus: It's nice to be off that camel. My legs are aching.

Mel: Your legs are aching? You've been sitting all day!

Gus: Yes, but sitting can be as tiring as standing.

Bill: But it's not as tiring as running. Imagine if you had to run there!

Gus: We should have taken the bus like I said in the first place.

Mel: What's a bus?

Bill: Right, who's carrying the food?

Mel: I've got it. Now, what have we got? (takes backpack off and brings out wrapped lunch).

Gus: Oooh, pita pockets. My favourite! (they eat).

Bill: No sushi? Oh well. Now, have you got the maps, Gus?

Gus: Here they are (takes out roll of maps, and a road map) But if you open it up, you have to fold it all up again. It took me ages to do it last night.

Bill: (opens maps) This is where we started yesterday, and we are now........here (points) It looks as if we are heading down this way, towards the West. Israel, by the looks.

Mel: So what do you make of this star we are following?

Gus: Well, it's big.

Bill: We have already established that it is a star that indicates the birth of a King. But which King?

Mel: And what about the astrological happenings lately? How significant is that?

Gus: Jewish.

Bill: Pardon?

Gus: The new King is Jewish

Mel: How do you work that one out?

Gus: Haven't you been following the conjunctions?

Bill: The what? What are you talking about?

Gus: The pairing of Venus and Jupiter in the constellation of Leo. That indicates its association with the destiny of the Jews (there is a pause as the others look at him stunned).

Mel: I knew we brought you along for a reason.

Bill: Of course! Brilliant.

Gus: Thanks. I thought it was obvious.

Bill: So, the Jews are getting a King.

Mel: Unusual. Aren't they in occupied territory?

Gus: Roman rule.

Bill: Who's the.....?

Gus: Herod.

Mel: Well, someone's done their homework.

Gus: I figured we should know something about the people we are going to. I managed to get hold of this (holds out book).

Mel: (reads) “Lonely Planets Guide to Israel” (looks through) This might be helpful.

Bill: I wonder where abouts in Israel?

Gus: I imagine it will be somewhere important. I mean, he is a King after all.

Mel: According to this, Jerusalem is the biggest city: “Jerusalem is located 14 miles west of the Dead Sea, 33 miles east of the Mediterranean. The city is situated on an uneven rocky plateau. It is 3,800 feet above the level of the Dead Sea”.

Gus: That'll be it. Isn't there a temple there?

Mel: “The view from the Mount of Olives is dominated by the gleaming, gold-embellished Temple which is located in the most holy spot in the Jewish world”.

Gus: There it is then. Obviously this King is going to be born in Jerusalem, where he will be taken to the Temple so everyone including Herod can pay their respects to him.

Mel: That's right. And then he will be taken back to his Palace, which will be near the Temple. It's probably this one here in the picture, see? (shows others a picture).

Gus: Nice. Yes, I think you're right there Mel. That looks like a Palace fit for a King. What do you think, Bill?

Bill: (who has been staring up at the sky all this time) I don't think so.


...script continues.