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By Kim Williamson

"Fun Christmas drama about the Shepherds! Perfect for a group of actors that includes children and teens".

Length: 5 - 8 Minutes
Cast: 7 to 15 actors can perform the roles all interchangeable between male and female actors.

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Audience: Children / Family

About the Play: Great for Christian Schools and church! The Shepherds are watching their flocks by night... nothing exciting ever happens to Shepherds. Right? Wrong!

An ideal script for Christian schools to produce. Great for a class project to perform or drama class to present.


About the Playwright: Kim Williamson is an experienced actor, director and writer. She is Director of Detour Community Theatre and has had a number of her original works produced including a number that are available here at Christian Plays.

Price: $15


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Following is a sample from the script...

Shepherd 1: OK Dog, you can rest now. Hi guys.(Mumbles of greetings) What's new?

Shepherd 2: Not much.

Shepherd 3: Same as usual.

Shepherd 4: Did anyone see that lion today?

Shepherd 1: I did. I had to chase it away from my sheep. It was pretty hungry.

Dog: He chased it away? Huh! More like I did all the work. Always the same. I do the work, he gets the glory.

Sheep: That's your job. He feeds you and you chase the lions away.

Dog: If you lot weren't so scared, you could chase your own lions away.

Sheep: That doesn't even make any sense.

Shepherd 5: There was also that bear last week. Took one of my sheep and injured a couple more before I could get my double barrelled slingshot loaded.

Shepherd 2: It's because their natural habitats are being destroyed, taking their food source, and forcing the animals to look elsewhere.

Shepherd 3: What??

Shepherd 2: Either that, or the cold is driving them down the hills.

Shepherd 4: Speaking of the cold, how do you guys stand it?

Shepherd 5: What?

Shepherd 4: The cold. I mean, it's freezing out here. Are we really expected to sit out here all night? It's OK for the sheep, they have woollen sweaters.

Dog: New guy, huh?

Sheep: Started yesterday. Has no idea. Every time he counts us, he falls asleep!

Shepherd 1: You'll get used to it. It's all in your job description.

Shepherd 4: How long have you been shepherding?

Shepherd 1: Nine years now.

Shepherd 2: Six for me.

Shepherd 3: Seven.

Shepherd 5: Nine for me, too.

Shepherd 4: Nine years! Not me, I'm just here until I get enough money to get my own place and my own herd, then I'll be doing the hiring.

Shepherd 2: Huh! Easier said than done.

Shepherd 3: It's not such a bad job. You get to be outdoors, no schedules to run to. You are your own boss.

Shepherd 4: Don't you get bored? Same thing day in, day out.

Dog: I'm getting bored listening to him.

Sheep: I don't understand people who constantly want excitement. I am happy with a nice quiet life, thank you very much.

Shepherd 1: Well, there's always the odd lion or bear that adds excitement.

Shepherd 2: If we wanted excitement, we certainly wouldn't have chosen this life.

Shepherd 3: That's right. Exciting things always happen to other people, not to us shepherds.

Shepherd 5: We sit up here, quietly minding our own business. I don't think anyone gives us another thought. As long as the sheep are safe, that's all they are worried about. And I am quite happy not to be noticed.

Shepherd 1: If I wanted to be noticed, you know, put in the lime light, I would be an actor or something.

Shepherd 4: No one cares about a shepherd. You guys can keep your dull life. I have big plans. I'm going to be noticed.

Shepherd 3: Before you start on those plans, you can go and count the sheep. (4 exits) That should occupy him for a while.

Shepherd 2: Still falls asleep, huh? (they laugh)

Shepherd 5: Must be a full moon tonight.

Shepherd 1: No, not tonight.

Shepherd 2: It's very light...

...script continues.